10 things you can’t do on a plane

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Our regular passengers normally have a few reasons why they travel with us on Stena Line. We have realised that a lot of the time it comes down to things you just can’t do on a plane. We decided to compile a list and think you will agree, it is pretty long:

1. Bring as much luggage as you like

This is a favourite. Do you like to pack the kitchen sink? Or are you travelling with children? It’s like a military operation! Being able to load up the car with whatever you think you will need while you are away is one less thing to worry about.

2. Check in an hour before

For most of our sailings you only have to be at the port an hour before departure so no hauling sleepy children (or adults!) out of bed to join an airport queue at 5am!

3. Bring your car

Leaving the booster seats exactly as they are, the snacks in the glove compartment and the mirrors in the same place, bringing your own car avoids the cost and hassle of renting one for your break away. Sit in the same, comfortable seat you are used to while cruising around your holiday destination.

4. Go for a walk

In theory you can do this on a plane, but it involves sliding past the person on the aisle seat, squashing past the refreshments trolley and tip toeing up a narrow aisle to the toilets before turning back to your seat. Compare that to a stroll around any number of decks with beautiful sea views and fresh air.

Weather a little inclement? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of room below deck to stretch your legs including lounges, restaurants, shops and our cinema.

5. Keep the kids entertained

Colouring books and iPads are brilliant on a plane, until someone drops the crayon or iPad under the seat in front. Don’t take up contortionism trying to get them back; take the ferry with Stena Line and the children will be entertained by Happy or your teens can hang out in Teen Town.

6. Shopping

Like to look at the things you are going to buy in 3D before you buy them? Then shopping onboard is for you! Although the shops vary depending on the ship you are on, all of our retail outlets have fantastic offers on designer fragrances, electronics and gifts. Don’t miss out on some retail therapy while you are onboard.

7. Bring your pet

Save money and the hassle of booking kennels by bringing your pet on holidays with you. There are a few rules to follow for everyone’s safety, but in most circumstances we are delighted to welcome these important members of your family onboard.

8. Include your accommodation

We aren’t just about getting you to your destination, we can also arrange your accommodation. We partner with holiday parks, camp sites and hotels in Ireland, the UK and France to provide you and your family with a comfortable place to stay whichever destination you are going to.

9. Free films

There’s no better way to pass the time getting to your destination then sitting back and enjoy a film. Instead of trying to watch on a tiny phone or tablet screen, enjoy a handpicked selection of the latest films in our mini cinema onboard.

10. Forget your passport

While we don’t recommend this, if you are an Irish or UK citizen travelling between these two countries, you can travel with us using another form of photo ID like your driver’s licence, so there is no need to turn around to retrieve a forgotten passport. However if you are travelling to France, you will need it, so set a reminder.

Don’t be stressed and squashed on a flight, enjoy the comfort and space of a Stena Line ferry and let the holiday begin as soon as you board. Book your ticket for winter sailings today.

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