Spotify Playlist: 10 ferry favourites

Travelling back to uni by ferry? Or maybe you are going to visit friends and relations? Either way, if you need some tunes to entertain you on board, check out our 10 ferry inspired songs for your Spotify playlist:

1. Orinoco Flow – Enya

This UK and Irish number 1 from 1988 is the perfect start to your ferry journey. Full of promise and optimism, it is the ideal companion as the ferry leaves the port.

2. Waves – Mr. Probz

We bring things back to this century with a tune by Dutch singer and musician Mr Probz that was a number 1 hit in 2013. Although we hope you don’t encounter too many of these, the chilled-out vibe of this hit is perfect as we cruise to your destination.

3. Under the Sea – Samuel E. Wright

Relive your childhood with this Disney number from The Little Mermaid. Samuel E Wright brings all the wonders of the sea alive in this fun up-tempo tune.

4. Rock the boat – Hues Corporation

This R&B classic was a hit in 1973. A wedding favourite, we will leave it up to you whether you sit on the ground for the actions.

5. Sail Away – David Grey

Those of you looking for some 90’s nostalgia will love this one. Taken from David Grey’s bestselling album ‘White Ladder’ this romantic number is gorgeous accompaniment to time on deck, watching the world go by.

Fun fact: ‘White Ladder’ remains the highest selling album in Ireland ever, with over 350,000 copies sold. If you are Irish reading this, chances are you or someone in your family owned a copy.

6. I am Sailing – Rod Stewart

Originally recorded by the Sutherland Brothers, the Rod Stewart version was a bigger hit in 1975. The song is an account of man’s journey through life. It may be particularly relevant if you are one of our many passengers sailing to a new chapter in your own life, be it a university place or new job.

7. Into the Mystic – Van Morrison

We are getting into the classic’s now. This was featured on the Belfast artist’s 1970 Moondance LP. Like many of the Belfast man’s songs this one is about a magical transformation. With lyrics like, “Smell the sea and feel the sky

Let your soul and spirit fly, Into the mystic” it was a shoo-in on this list.

8. Beyond the Sea – Bobby Darin

This track goes way back to the 1940’s when it was written for World War 2 soldiers missing their loves across the sea. This is the song for you, if you are going to be reunited with a loved one at the end of your journey with us.

9. The Voyage – Christy Moore

Marriage is the subject of this boat based love song. It covers all the ups and downs of a long-term relationship and family life.

10. Proud Mary – Credence Clearwater Revival

This folk classic tells the tale of someone who leaves steady work in the city for the adventure and salvation working on a riverboat. Another wedding or party favourite, this boat themed tune should leave you feeling happy as you end your Stena Line Spotify Playlist.

These are some of our favourite boat and ferry related songs, let us know on Facebook if there are any others you would add? If you haven’t already book your tickets with Stena Line from Ireland or the UK today.

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